Decorating Garments


We know how important it is for you to portray your business, group, school or team as a professional organization to show that you stand above the rest.  Outfitting your staff, students, clients, players or fans in high quality garments displaying your organizations logo will do just that!  Styles in everything from basic t-shirts to jerseys, golf shirts to jackets and everything in between are available to fit your budget.


We can apply your design to a variety of garments using screen printing, embroidery, sewn twill, heatpressing, digital print or direct to garment formats.  Call us to discuss your options.


Points to Consider when Determining Promotional Item Pricing: 
- How many colors do I want my logo to display?
- How many Locations (Front, Back, sleeve, leg, pocket, Etc.)
- Number of items being ordered
- Color of garment and color(s) of ink

- Size of the Garment (S - XL are usually the same price, while larger sizes may incur additional cost)


For an accurate estimate, please call us at (306) 565-3294 and provide us with the above information.



Screen Printing

Every color and location combination that you opt to print on your promotional item will require it's own individual screen prep and print application. A one color print in one location will be charged as a single screen prep. Should you request an additional color(s) in that same location, you will incur a screen prep charge for each additional screen. An addtional charge may apply when printing on special locations including pant legs, shirt sleeves and pocketsis required.


The higher quantity that you order, the less the price per piece! Screen preparation fees are the same no matter how many garments you order, therefore, the unit cost is lower when you order higher quantities of the same item. It is often worthwhile to order a few extra pieces when you are just shy of meeting the price change point (ie: you want 11 hoodies, the lower price comes into effect when 12 are ordered)

Dertermining Costs for Printed Garments

Points to Consider when Determining Promotional Item Pricing: 

- How many colors in the design(s)?
- How many Locations to be printed (ie-Front, Back, sleeve, leg, pocket, Hood, Etc.)
- Total number of items being ordered with identical printing requirements
- Color of garment and color of ink

- Size of the Garment (S - XL are usually the same price, while larger sizes (XXL+) may incur additional cost)


Services which can add to your costs include:
- Printing on sleeves, pockets, and pant legs. 
- Light colored inks on dark colored garments require additional passes

- Adding a second color to one location is less expensive than adding printing in a second location.


We DO NOT charge any screen preparation fees

($25 per color/per location) for orders of 75 pieces or more using identical artwork for all pieces for printing on garments supplied by Bad Dawg Screen Printing Inc. All customer supplied garments are subject to screen preparation fees, regardless of quantity.


Printing Locations

Printing can be applied on various locations on garment(s), from traditional left chest design to full back or sleeve/leg printing.


Names & numbers can be applied to sleeves, hoods, legs or the backs of various garment styles.



Other Notes

We will not guarantee our printing on any customer supplied garments as we have no control over the quality of the garments.  Often we cannot replace the garment(s) should an error occur.  A waiver form must be signed prior to commencement of the printing process on any customer supplied garments.  Every job printed on customer supplied garments will incur a screen preparation charge of $25 per screen.

Clothing which has been previously worn and/or washed cannot be printed on as bleaches and detergents can affect the printing process.


Artwork design/color separation for all customer supplied garments will incur charges of $50 per hour.  When emailing us your image(s), please send them in PhotoShop (*.psd or *.eps formats).  Other formats can be accepted but may require digital artwork.